Get Rid Of Anger

Get Rid Of Anger Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Young Businessman Who Jumped Into A Taxi And Went To The Airport Because He Was In A Hurry. The Taxi Driver Was Driving Along The Right Lane When Suddenly A Black Car Jumped Out Of The Parking Lot In Front Of Him.

These, The Taxi Driver Who Applied The Brakes Skidded And Let Another Car Just A Few Inches Away. The Driver Of The Other Car Nodded His Head And Started Yelling, But The Taxi Driver Just Smiled And Waved To The Guy, I Mean He Was Very Friendly.

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The Businessman Asked Him Why You Just Did It, This Guy Almost Ruined Your Car And Sent Us Like A Hospital, When The Taxi Driver Taught The Young Businessman A Valuable Lesson Called Garbage Truck Law And Told Him That They Explained To Him That Too Many People Are Like The Garbage Trucks They Run Are Full Of Garbage, Full Of Frustration, Full Of Anger And Total Frustration, When Their Garbage Piles Up, They Need A Place To Throw It Away, And Sometimes They Dump It Right On Top Of Them. So Don’t Take It Personally.

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Just Smile, Wave To Them, Wish Them Good Luck And Move On, Don’t Take Out Their Trash And Don’t Pass Them On To Other People At Work, At Home Or On The Street, When A Young Businessman Arrived At The Airport, He Gave A Taxi. The Driver Received A Generous Tip But Was Still Shocked And Upset.

You Are Greeted By The Fact That He Just Found Out That He Is On A Very Important Business Trip, But It Seemed To Him That A More Important Trip Had Just Happened In A Taxi Right Now, So He Smiled And Was Full Of Peace In His Heart. He Entered The Airport.

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Get Rid Of Anger Story Moral

In Life, Do Not Accept This Dirt, This Garbage, This Anger Of Other People, They Need To Let Go Of It, Because They Are About To Explode, They Do Not Know How To Deal With It, Because Perhaps They Did Not Know The Law Of The Garbage Truck Not Knowing, That They Didn’t Need To Collect Other People’s Garbage.

They Took It All And Piled It Up Until They Could No Longer Take It Out, So Always Remember The Law Of A Garbage Truck, Don’t Take It Personally, Just Smile, Wave, Wish Good Luck, And Move On.