Foolish Crow

Foolish Crow Story

The Winter Was Particularly Cold. The Snow Is Thick And Heavy On The Ground. Squirrels, Badgers, And Hedgehogs Hid In Their Cozy Winter Homes To Sleep In The Cold, Dark Months.

Swifts And Swallows Have Long Gone To Warm Countries. Even Slugs And Snails Disappeared, Hiding In Some Dark, Warm Forest To Wait For Spring. The Forest And The Fields Were Quiet And Empty. Only The Big Black Crow Hunted For Supper.

The Crow Flew All Day In Search Of Food. But She Found Nothing, Not Even A Tiny Mouse Or A Piece Of Someone Else’s Dinner. Now She Was Tired And Hungry. She Croaked Sadly.

I’ll Have To Skip Dinner Tonight, She Thought, Flying Slowly Across The Sky In One Last Desperate Search For Something To Eat.

She Was About To Turn Back When She Saw In The Distance A Thin Plume Of Smoke Rising Into The Sky.

“Smoke Means Fire, And Fire Means Cooking And Cooking!” – Thought Crow. She Flew As Fast As She Could Toward The Swirling Smoke. Smoke Came From The Chimney Of A Large Farmhouse Where The Farmer’s Wife Was Preparing Dinner For Her. A Family.

A Delicious-smelling Stew Was Bubbling In A Large Saucepan Over The Fire, And Loaves Of Freshly Baked Bread Lay On The Table, Ready To Be Sliced. On The Plates Were Pieces Of Butter And A Piece Of Cheese. Window Sill The Farmer’s Wife Left The Window Open To Prevent The Cold Air From Melting The Butter And Cheese From The Sweat.

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The Crow Saw The Cheese In The Open Window. Quickly, Like A Flash, She Flew Up To The Windowsill, Picked Up The Cheese With Her Big Black Beak, And Flew Away. The Farmer’s Wife Stirred The Stew With Her Back To The Window. She Did Not See The Crow. The Crow Was Very Pleased With Herself. “There Is Nothing Better Than A Piece Of Cheese On A Cold Winter Day!” She Thought.

She Flew Up To A Group Of Tall Trees And Settled Comfortably On A Bare Branch High Above The Ground To Comfortably Enjoy Her Food.

The Sly Old Fox Hid Among The Bushes In The Farm Garden. He Wandered Through The Forests And Fields All Day In Search Of Food. But He Found Nothing To Eat, Not A Bird, Not A Mouse, Not Even Snatches Of Someone’s Picnic. Now He Was Tired And Hungry.

“I Need No Supper Today,” He Sighed.

He Was About To Turn Back When He Saw A Crow’s Perch On A Bare Branch With A Piece Of Cheese In Its Beak.

“What A Lovely, Smelling Piece Of Cheese!” – Thought The Fox. I Need This Piece Of Cheese For Dinner. Now, If Only I Could Take This Cheese Away From A Crow … “

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The Fox Watched As The Crow Settled Comfortably On The Branch. He Smiled Slyly At Himself. Approaching The Foot Of The Tree, The Fox Shouted.

“Good Evening. Mrs. Crowe! You Look Good Today! “

The Crow Looked At The Fox In Surprise. She Had Never Heard Him Speak So Politely Before.

Fox Continued. “Oh, Mrs. Crowe, How Beautiful You Are! Your Feathers Are So Black! So Sleek And Shiny! Really. I’ve Never Seen Feathers Like This Before! “

The Crow Was Even More Surprised. Previously, No One Called Her Beautiful! Of Course, She Always Knew How Beautiful She Was. But It Was Nice To Admire Someone Else.

The Fox Looked At Her And Sighed. “How Graceful You Are. Mrs. Crowe, How Elegant! You Fly So Wonderfully, Higher Than The Eagle!

The Crow Held Higher. She Always Knew How Graceful And Elegant She Was. Of Course, She Knew How To Fly Beautifully! How Cleverly The Fox Knows It. She Flapped Her Wings Slightly So That He Could Admire Them Again. What A Charming Creature He Was!

The Fox Took A Deep Breath And Continued. “Your Claws, Ahem, I Mean Your Claws. Mrs. Crow! They Got Stronger! “

Ah … Her Claws! She Was Always Proud Of Her Claws. She Jumped Awkwardly Onto A Branch So That The Fox Could Take Another Look At Its Claws. In Fact, He Said The Nicest Things!

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By That Time, The Crow Was Absolutely Convinced That She Was The Most Beautiful, Most Graceful, And Most Powerful Bird Of All.

The Fox Smiled Secretly To Herself. He Looked At The Raven Admiringly And Said. Dear Mrs. Crowe. I Didn’t Hear Your Voice. It Must Be The Sweetest Voice In The World, As Beautiful As You Are. Dear Mrs. Crowe, Would You Like To Sing For Me?

The Crow Was Flattered. All The Other Birds Told Her That She Had A Terrible Voice. And The Fox Begged Her To Sing For Him! Of Course, She Always Knew What A Wonderful Voice She Had …

The Crow Took A Deep Breath And Screamed Loudly And Hoarsely With Its Beak! A Piece Of Cheese Fell! The Fox Grabbed Him As He Fell And Swallowed Him Before The Crow Realized What Had Happened.

The Fox Left, Laughing. “Next Time Mrs. Crowe, Be Careful With Your Beliefs!” He Cried As He Disappeared Between The Trees.

The Crow Remained Dumb. How Could She Be So Vain And So Stupid That She Fell Into The Trap Of Lisa’s Clever Words And Lost Her Wonderful Dinner!

The Crow Ruffled Its Feathers Sadly And Prepared For The Hungry Night.

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