Monkey Trap

Monkey Trap Story

Monkey Hunters Use A Box With An Opening At The Top Large Enough For The Monkey To Slip Inside HIs Hand.

Inside The Box There Are Nuts. The Monkey Grabs The Nuts, And Now Its Hand Turns Into A Fist. The Monkey Tries To Pull Out His Hand, But The Hole Is Large Enough For The Hand To Slip In, But Too Small To Pull Out The Fist.

Now The Monkey Has A Choice – Either To Let Go Of The Nuts, And Be Free Forever, Or To Hold On To The Nuts, And Be Caught.

Guess What He Chooses Every Time?

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The Monkey Clings To Nuts And Gets Trapped.

It Is Easy For Us To Understand How Foolish It Is To Hold In Our Hands Something That Is Not Really Worth Much.

The Monkey Makes A Very Bad Compromise – His Freedom For A Prize That Is Easy To Find In A Less Dangerous Place, But The Animal Is Blinded By Its Attachment To Food.

The Monkey Acts Instinctively, He Probably Lacks The Ability To Recognize The Dangers Of Fighting For The Bait Or The Fact That Such Behavior Will Have A Dramatic Effect On His Future.

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But People Must Be Able To Avoid Falling Into Such A Trap.

We Must Be Able To Understand The Danger Of Holding On To Something That Does Not Help Us. We Need To Understand When We Create Traps For Ourselves.

Unfortunately, Most Of Life’s Traps Are Those That We Create For Ourselves.

We Cling To Dear Life For That Which Does Not Serve Us.

We Hold Onto Past Mistakes, We Cling To The Privilege Of Being Right, We Will Not Let Go Of Anger And Resentment, We Become Attached To Material Things Of No Particular Value, And We Often Put Attachment To Property Above Our Own Well-being.

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If You Are Going To Find Happiness In Life, You Need To Explore What You Have.

You Have The Ability To Choose Your Treasures In Life. You Need To Examine Your Life To Determine If You Have Fallen Into The Trap Of What Is Dear To You.

If We Are Attached To Things, We Are Limited. Only By Letting Go Can We Be Free.

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