The Trooper And His Horse

The Trooper And His Horse Story

Once a soldier lived in a village. He worked in the royal army and was very famous for his bravery throughout the kingdom.

The cavalryman had a beautiful horse, one of the finest in the country. The soldier loved his horse very much.

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One day, when all the soldiers were dressing their horses, a cavalryman noticed that a nail on one of Le Horse’s horseshoes had fallen off.

Since the paratrooper was tired, he decided to repair the T, and the shoe nail later. His fellow soldiers advised him to get rid of the nail as soon as possible, otherwise, it could become dangerous.

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The soldier did not listen to them.

After a while, the soldiers heard the sound of a trumpet.

The enemy attacked the royal palace and all the soldiers went into battle. The paratrooper also mounted a horse and went to fight the enemy.

On the way, a loose horseshoe flew off the horse. He stumbled and the soldier fell to the ground. He was severely injured and could not get up. The enemy soldier immediately killed him with a sword.

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