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Live In Today Short Story, Live In Today Short Story In English.

Live In Today Story

It Is A Story Of Gautama BuddhaThe Story Is About How We Can Able To Live In Today And Why We Need To Live In Today Also You Can Find About Gautama Buddha Facts And Much More Hope You Enjoy The Story.

One Day In The Middle Of Their Journey While They Are Resting, Gautama Buddha Call His Chief Disciple Ananda, And Ask Him And Other Disciples To Rest At Monastery, While He Travel All By Himself.

It Is Quite Unusual Because Gautama Buddha Always Travels With His Devotees And Disciples, But Now They Are Not With Buddha As Instructed Not To Follow Him Until He Said.

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From Now On When Buddha Exploring New Places And Travel From One Village To Another Village Many People On His Way Don’t Even Recognize Him. They Don’t Even Think That He Was Gautama Buddha Because His Devotees And Disciples Are Now Not Around Him. Gautama Buddha Wandering Like Other Monks All Alone.

While Wandering On The Village Road Inadvertently His Arm Hit With A Man, Whose Cow Was Died Recently. In That Sorrow The Shouted On Gautama Buddha And Abused Him Among Other People.

Buddha Told Him Nothing And Walked Away, But A Villager Recognize Him And Asked To The Man – “Don’t You Recognize Who Was He ?” The Man Replied – “No, I Don’t.” The Villager Said To The Abuser – “The Sage Was Gautama Buddha.”

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After Listening That The Abuser Gets Shocked. He Said – “It Is Not Possible Because Buddha Always Travels With A Large Crowd Of His Devotees And Disciples. Where Are They ?” The Villagers Reply That He Heard That On Few Days Gautama Buddha Travels Alone, And Said – “I Am Sure Of That The Monk Was Buddha.”

The Man Feels Sorry For What He Did To Buddha And Decides To Find Him. So, That He Could Ask Forgiveness For What He Deed. On The Next Day, The Man Tracked Gautama Buddha, And Fall On His Feet And Ask Buddha To Punish Him For What He Had Done Yesterday.

Gautama Buddha Asks Him Calmly – “Why Should I Punish You, And For What Reason ?” The Man Replied – “For Swearing At You O Sage.” Buddha Asks – “When Did You Do That ?” The Man Replies – “Yesterday.” To Which Gautama Buddha Said – “I Don’t Know Yesterday. I Know Only Today.”

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Live In Today Story Moral

In Life, The Hardest Of All Human Emotions Is Forgiveness. This Story Has A Very Important Message For All Of Us. We Often Hold On To Grudges In Our Lives, When We Do This We Are Giving Strength To Our Emotions Of Anger, Grief, Jealousy, And Sadness Which Makes Them Stronger.

Life Is Constantly Changing. We Make It Harder By Blocking Our Emotions And Letting Them Get Stuck By Practicing Forgiveness. Find The Part Of Yourself That You Can Recognize In The Other Person, This Is Most Important, And At The End Of The Day, Just Let It Go.