Rain Rain Go Away

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Rain Rain Go Away Story

Marib was a reckless monkey who lived in the jungle. For days he jumped from tree to tree, swinging by the tail and eating bananas. He loved the big green trees in the jungle because it was his sweet home.

One fine sunny morning, Marib was sitting on a banana tree and munching on delicious bananas. He looked at the other animals grazing in the lush green field below. He saw the goats bleating and running back and forth in fright. “Thank God I’m not a goat, otherwise I would always be afraid that a lion would eat me.”

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Then Marib saw camels munching on acacia leaves and regretted that they had to eat thorny leaves. “I am happy the way I am. When I’m hungry, I can easily move from one tree to another, picking fruits of my choice, and watch all the animals sitting at the top of the tree ! “

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Marib was about to eat another banana when he heard a loud noise. He looked up and saw loud, loud gray clouds. “Let me pick more bananas before the rain falls on the ripe fruits,” he thought, and quickly jumped from branch to branch, picking some ripe bananas. After a while, it began to rain heavily. All the animals ran to the shelter.

The goats screamed for help and ran to the nearest caves. The poor camels got wet, and all the birds returned to their nests, flapping their colorful wings. The anthills were also washed away. All the poor red ants are wet! Marib covered himself with a large banana leaf and prayed that the rain would stop sooner.

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“God please save these poor animals!” he exclaimed. After a few hours, the rain subsided, but the rivers overflowed and the ground was wet. The ants started looking again for a new place to build a house. Marib shook off the leaf and climbed down. He was grateful to be living in the trees.