The Mice Who Travelled

The Mice Who Travelled Story

The mouse, tired of living in constant fear, said to his neighbor: “I read about a place called India where mice are safer. Their people believe that the soul of the Mouse has been in the body of a great man.

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After death, the Mouse will again enter the body of another great person. Therefore, mice are treated kindly there. They even build hospitals for them. Let’s go to this country and live happily.”

The neighbor replied, “Don’t cats come into these hospitals? If they do that, the mice will die quickly and in large numbers.”

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“Don’t be afraid,” said the first Mouse. “Cats have homes and hospitals far from ours.”

Then the mice climbed onto the ship, which set sail. After a long journey, they reached India.

There, the Mice entered the house, expecting a warm welcome. However, the Indian mice fought the newly arrived mice. Instead of being eaten by Cats, they were killed by their own kind.

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The Mice Who Travelled Moral

Be wise and stay out of danger.