The Test

The Test Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Man Who Was Looking For A Cup Of Excellent Quality, So He Went To The Most Famous Tableware Store In Town To Check The Quality Of The Bold Letters, He Took One Of The Marbles In This Item And Gently Tapped On It. Further, So Another Test Was Carried Out When The Ball Hit Another.

If He Hears A Pleasant Resonance, He Knows He Found A Great Cup, He Had No Luck On The First Try, Although The Sound Was Dull, He Tried The Second, He Was Also Out Of Luck, Then He Tried The Third And Fourth, What A Shame That None Of The Balls Presented Brought Him A Magical Resonance, Which He Looked Forward To.

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The Old Master Saw It And Knew That He Had Gonorrhea – Said The Young Man And Took Another Open Bowl, Why Don’t You Use This Bowl For The Dough, And Not The One In Your Hand, Then The Person Did As The Master Said, And Now When He Tapped The Bowl On The Rest Of The Bold Letters On The Display, Each Ball Sang.

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So That Each Bowl Good, The Man Screams, But Why Couldn’t I Hear The Resonance Just Now, Because The Bowl You Used For The Test Was Faulty, Said The Master, I’m Sorry, But That Was The Defect I Was Talking About Throwing Away.

The Test Story Moral

In Life How Can You Expect Love If You Cannot Love, How Can You Expect Beauty If You Only See The Ugly In Others, How Can You See The Truth, If You Yourself Are Just Lying, If You Open Yourself To The Tao, The Tao Will Be Happy To Welcome You, If You Open Yourself To Virtue.

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Virtue Will Become A Part Of You If You Open Yourself To Loss, Loss Is Glad To See You, And When You Do Not Trust People, People Will Hesitate To Give And Receive, And Life Will Be Yours.