The Four Sons

The Four Sons Story

A Father Had Four Sons. He Wanted Them To Be Impartial And Unbiased.

To-Do This, He Sent Each Of His Sons To Look At The Pear Tree In Four Different Seasons.

When All The Visits Were Completed, The Father Asked About The Tree And Its Features.

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The Son, Who Saw It In Winter, Described Him As An Ugly Creature Without Leaves, Flowers, And Fruits.

The Spring Traveler Son Praised Its Floral Beauty And Vibrant Colors.

The Third Son Also Had Good Features. He Talked About The Graceful Growth Of The Tree And The Green Color.

The Fourth Son Was The Best Cheerleader. He Ate The Fruit From The Tree.

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The Father Pointed Out How One Tree Manifested Itself In Different Ways At Different Stages Of Its Life.

He Then Explained That Often What We See In A Person Or Thing Is Not An Integral Feature Of This Object, But An Acquired Quality That Manifests Itself Depending On The Season.

The Four Sons Story Moral

In Life, We Should Not Judge A Person By Looking At One Stage Of His / Her Life Or Even Not Knowing What He / She Is Going Through.