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Happiness Is With You !

The Big Dog Saw The Puppy Chasing Its Tail And Asked, “Why Are You Chasing Your Tail Like That?”

The Puppy Replied: “I Studied Philosophy And Solved A Problem Of The Universe That No Dog Had Solved Before Me, And I Discovered That The Best Thing For A Dog In Life Is Happiness And That My Happiness Lies In That.”

My Tail That Is Why I Chase Him, And When I Catch Him, I Will Achieve Happiness.

The Dog Said: Son, In My Youth, I Was Also Interested In The Questions Of The Universe. I Also Thought That Happiness Was In The Tail, And In The Beginning, I Also Chased After It.

But Later I Noticed That Wherever I Went And Whatever I Did, The Tail Followed Me. And Then I Realized That I Didn’t Have To Chase It.

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