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Invisible Barrier

A Marine Biologist Placed A Shark In A Large Tank During A Research Experiment. After That, He Released Several Tiny Bait Fish At Him.

As Expected, The Shark Didn’t Wait To Attack And Eat This Fish. Later, Transparent Fiberglass Was Inserted Into The Tank, Which Split The Tank In Two, Leaving The Shark On One Side.

A Similar Set Of Baits Was Sent To The Other Side Of The Tank As Before.

The Shark Tried To Attack These Fish, But Failed, Hitting The Fiberglass.

The Shark Tried For Several Days Until It Gave Up. Later, The Biologist Removed The Glass From The Aquarium, But The Shark Did Not Attack The Fish.

The Shark Always Continues To See A Invisible Obstacle In The Aquarium And Stops Trying.

Moral Of The Story

Many People Often Give Up After Many Failures And Setbacks. This Story Is An Example Of How To Always Try And Never Give Up Despite Many Failures.

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