The Math Dunce

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The Math Dunce Story

That year, a new math teacher appeared at the local school, as well as several new students. One of the new kids was the dumbest kid ever seen. It didn’t matter how quickly or how slowly they tried to explain the numbers to him; He always ended up saying something incredibly stupid.

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Like two plus two was five, seven times three was twenty-seven, or a triangle had thirty angles… Before this boy came along, math classes were the most boring of all. Now they were great fun. Encouraged by the new teacher, the children will listen to the newcomer’s nonsense and have to correct his mistakes.

They all wanted to be the first to find his mistakes, and then come up with the most original ways to explain them. They used all sorts of things for this: sweets, playing cards, oranges, paper airplanes… It doesn’t seem to bother the newbie.

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However, Little Lewis was sure that this was to make him feel sad inside. So one day he decided to follow the new kid home after school; Lewis was sure he would see him cry. Leaving the school, the new one walked a few minutes to the local park and waited there for some time until someone came out to meet him.

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It was a new teacher! The teacher hugged the newcomer and they walked hand in hand. Following from afar, Lewis could hear them talking about mathematics. And this stupid freshman knew everything about it, much more than anyone in the class!