Patience Story

Once A Grandfather Advised His Grandson Who Was Going To Join The Army, He Said, Son, You Got A Job In The Army, And I Worked In The Army For A Long Time, So I Want To Give You Advice, Will You Follow My Proposal?

The Boy Very Politely Said Why Not Grandfather, I Would Say, The Old Man Said That In The Army You Need To Be Very Patient, Many Things That You May Not Like, But Never Lose Patience – This Is The Only Advice That I Wanted To Give You. The Boy Said The Same Politeness – Yes Grandpa, I Will Remember Your Advice.

The Next Day The Old Man Thought That He Should Remember His Advice To His Grandson Again So That He Could Fit In His Memory, So He Called His Grandson And Said That Tomorrow You Are Going To Join To His Duties In The Army, Do You Remember My Advice That In The Army You Need To Be Patient, His Grandson Said: Yes, Grandfather, I Know.

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The Next Day, When His Grandson Collected His Things To Go To Work, His Grandfather Loved Him Very Much, Could Not Stop Because He Had About Forty Years Of Experience In The Army And He Knew Very Well That Many Candidates Create More Problems For Themselves Just Because Of A Lack Of Patience, So He Thought Again That It Would Be Wise To Repeat Him.

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So He Said To His Grandson, My Dear Son, You Must Very Well Remember That In Performing Your Duty In The Army Your Patience Will Be Your Most Important Weapon, So Never Lose Patience, This Time His Grandson Was Upset And Spoke Angrily With Your Grandfather Since Three Days, You Repeat The Same Thing.

What Happened To You, Grandfather, I Know That I Need To Be Patient, ”His Grandfather Immediately Said, But You Don’t. You Are Patient, But You Only Lost Your Patience In Three Times.

Patience Story Moral

Patience Is One Of The Most Important Tools To Achieve Any Goal In Life Due To a Lack Of Patience Many Times The Path To Our Goal Becomes Difficult And Everything Becomes Difficult Sometimes Patience Is So Difficult Because Patience Requires Energy, But The Result Of Patience is Undoubtedly Sweet Patience Shows Maturity And Impatience Is A Trait Of Children.

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It Affects Relationships A Lot Because No One Has The Patience To Ignore What They Don’t Like, But Everyone Wants What They Like, So It Becomes Difficult To Build A Good Relationship.

A Good Team Loses The Advantage Of Synergy Parable Is There Even One Minute Of Patience Ten Years Of Peace History Also Indicates That If Our Elder Repeats Something Repeatedly, Then There Is A Hidden Meaning Because There Is Another Saying That The Old Man Can See From Sides He Is Little Village Eyes. A City Boy In A Suit Cannot See With His Big Eyes.