The Pain

The Pain Story

Once, While Meditating, A Student Believed That Every Day He Saw A Spider Descending In Front Of Him. The Terrible Creature Returned, Becoming Larger And Larger Each Time.

The Student Is So Terrified That He Went To His Teacher To Report His Dilemma, Which He Said He Planned To Put A Knife In His Lap During Meditation So That When The Spider Appeared, He Would Kill Him.

The Teacher Advised Him To Abandon This Plan. The Disciple Returned To His Meditation When The Spider Reappeared.

He Resisted The Urge To Attack Him And Instead Did What The Master Suggested When He Later Informed The Master That The Master Had Told Him To Lift His Shirt And Look At His Belly. X There.

The Pain Story Moral

In Your Life, Everything That Bothers You, Everything That Burdens You, Is Actually Inside You. We Can All Have Thoughts, Voices, And Pain.

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We Can All Be Sad For No Reason, But Realizing That This Spider Is Actually Us, Only We Threaten To Understand This And Realize The Reality Of Our World, And That Only You Can Be Your Own Savior.

So Take Chalk Instead Of A Knife And You Will Solve Any Problem With A Smile.

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