The King’s Curse

Contents Of The Story

The King’s Curse Story

The king had six sons, but no daughter. He and his queen dreamed of a girl. When the queen was about to give birth to another child, the king declared that if this was a son, then all children would be cursed. Soon he had to leave for the war. As he left, he told the queen to hang a spear on the window if a son was born, and a spinning wheel if a daughter was born.

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A girl was born, but in the confusion and fun, instead of a spinning wheel, they hung a spear. Seeing this upon his return, the king cursed his sons. As a result, they had to wander the world unknown.

When the girl grew up, she went in search of her brothers. She met an old man who told her that she could find her brothers if she didn’t speak for seven years. In search, she arrived at the royal palace. The king was amazed by her beauty and married her. But she never said a word. The king’s mother was unhappy with this marriage.

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When the queen was about to give birth, she tricked the king into going to war, imprisoned the queen in a wall, and sent a message to the king that his queen was dead. But the servant saved the queen and the child and took them to his house. He looked after them.

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Seven years passed and the king returned. The queen was able to speak again and told the king the truth. The king rewarded the servant and helped the queen unite with her brothers. The brothers and sisters went to meet their parents and lived happily ever after.