The Cap Seller and The Monkeys

The Cap Seller and The Monkeys Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Seller Of Baseball Caps In Town. One Day I Was Selling Caps.

“Caps, Caps, Caps … Caps For Five Rupees, Caps For Ten Rupees …”.

After Selling Baseball Caps, He Was Very Tired. He Decided To Sit Under A Large Tree To Get Some Rest. Soon He Fell Asleep.

There Were Many Monkeys In The Big Tree. They Saw That The Lid Salesman Was Sleeping Under A Tree. The Monkeys Were Sitting At The Top Of The Tree.

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The Monkeys Came Down, Took Off Their Hats, And Put Them On. Then They Climbed The Tree Again.

When The Baseball Cap Salesman Woke Up, He Was Shocked To See That His Basket Was Empty. He Was Looking For His Hats. To His Surprise, He Saw Monkeys Carrying Them. He Found That Monkeys Imitate Him.

So He Started To Take Off His Hat, And The Monkeys Did The Same. The Cap Salesman Collected All The Caps, Put Them Back In The Basket And Happily Left.

The Cap Seller and The Monkeys Moral

Wisdom Is Better Than The Weapon Of War.

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