Philomel And Progne

Philomel And Progne Story

Philomel and Progna were sisters. However, one day a man offended Philomel, so she was afraid of men. The two sisters were so beautiful and smart that one day a jealous witch turned Progne into a swallow and Philomel into a nightingale.

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They lived separately from each other for many, many years. Progne, the swallow, built her nest in the church towers in the city. Philomel, the nightingale, lived in a valley surrounded by forest.

Once, when Progne found out where Philomel lives, she went to meet her.

“My dear sister, how are you? I haven’t seen you for a very long time! How long are you going to live this boring life?” Progne said.

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Philomel gently said, “Where else can I find such a wonderful life?”

“Nice?” Annoyed Progne replied. “You sing for the animals, the villagers, and the trees! Your melodies are wasted on them.”

“Come and live in the city. They will appreciate you and your songs. The forest scares me.”

“Alas,” said Philomel Nightingale. “The man hurt me deeply. I can’t forget it if I live in the city. I like to stay in a quiet forest where I am happy.”

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Philomel And Progne Story Moral

Respect the likes and dislikes of everyone.