Snake And The Saw

Snake And The Saw Story

Somewhere In The Village At Midnight A Snake Wanders Around The Village For Food, During A Walk It Accidentally Enters The Carpenter’s House. The Carpenter Left All His Tools On The Floor Because His Work Was Not Yet Finished, He Left Work For Tomorrow And Went To Bed.

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When The Snake Was Looking For Food, It Accidentally Climbed Over The Saw And Cut Itself A Little. The Snake Thinks That The Saw Is Attacking It, So In Anger, The Snake Turns Around And Bites The Saw So Hard That It Bleeds From Its Mouth, Which Will Further Anger The Snake.

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Now The Snake Decided To Wrap Its Body Around The Saw And Strangle It.

When The Snake Begins To Rotate Its Body Around The Saw, It Becomes Even More Painful Because The Snake Thought The Saw Was Resisting.

So Snake Decided He Needed To Attack Even Harder, So He Tightened His Grip On The Saw. Finally, In The End, The Serpent Lost The Battle And His Life.

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Snake And The Saw Story Moral

Because To His Arrogant Of Anger, The Snake Lost His Life. His Anger Makes Him So Blind That He Lost His Power Of Thinking.

There Is A Famous Quote –

“A Moment Of Patience, In A Moment Of Anger,

Can Save A Thousand Moments Of Regrades.”

Some Battles Take Much More From You Than You Get From Them When You Win.