Ant & Lazy Grasshopper

Ant & Lazy Grasshopper Story

On A Fine Summer Day, A Grasshopper Lounged In The Grass. He Was Warm, Happy, And Singing To Himself Because Life Was Good.

While The Grasshopper Was Enjoying The Day, The Ants Work Hard To Carrying The Grain Into The Nest, When The Ants Passing By Near, The Grasshopper Invited Them To Join Him And Share His Fun.

In The Summer, All The Ants Worked Hard All Day, Collecting Food, And The Grasshopper Enjoyed The Bright Summer Days. The Grasshopper Looked At The Ants And Laughed At Then And Said – “Why Are You Working So Hard Dear Ants? Come, Take A Break, and Listen To My Song. The Summer Is Here, Noe The Days Are Long And Bright. Why Waste The Sunshine On Labor ?”

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In The Reply Ants Said – “We Are Now Stores Foods For The Upcoming Winter Season, And We Also Recommends You To Do The Same Or Else You May Face Lack Of Food On The Winter.”

Grasshopper Laughed At Them & Said – “Why Do Even I Need To Worry About The Winter Anyway, We Currently Have A Lot Of Foods And Still Have A Lots Of Time To Prepare For The Winter.”

The Ants Know What They Are Doing, And Went On Their Way And Continued Their Work. The Ants Worked All Day, Without Stopping Or Resting, Running Back And Forth From The Field, Collecting Grains, And Carefully Storing Them In Their Pantry.

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Instead Of Working And Preparing For Winter, The Grasshopper Preferred Dancing, Singing, And Playing At His Leisure. He Did Not Realize Those Wonderful Summer Days Would Not Last Forever, And Soon Cold And Rainy Days Would Come.

By Passing Time The Summer Turned Into Autumn, And Autumn Turned Into The Winter. Now The Sun Is Almost Invisible, The Days Became Shorter, And The Nights Became Longer. It Became Cold, And Snow Began To Fall From The Sky.

When The Cold Winter Came, The Grasshopper Realized That The Ants Were Right, And He Had To Be Ready.

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The Grasshopper Did Not Want To Sing Anymore. He Did Not Have To Spend All His Time When There Was A Lot Of Foods. Now The Grasshopper Is In Cold And Hungry.

He Did Not Think That This Winter Could Be Worse Than Usual And Since He Did Not Keep Food For Himself And He Did Not Help Anyone Else To Do It. He Did Not Live Until The Next Summer.

He Had Nowhere To Hide From The Snow And He Was Starving To Death While The Ants Enjoyed The Food Stored And Harvested In The Summer.

Ant & Lazy Grasshopper Story Moral

Work Hard Now, And Tomorrow You Can Reap All The Benefits.