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Journey Of Life

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Man Who Lived Near A Mountain, And Every Day He Thought About How To Climb This Mountain And What I Would See At The Top. Finally The Day Came, And The Man Went On A Journey.

At The Foot Of The Mountain, He Met The First Tourist And Asked How You Climbed The Mountain And What You Saw At The Top. The Traveler Shared His Path, As Well As The Views That He Had, But Then The Person Thought About Himself.

The Path That The Traveler Has Just Described Sounds Very Tedious. I Need To Find Another Way To Get Up.

So, He Kept Walking Along The Foot Of The Mountain Until He Met The Next Traveler Again, He Asked How You Climbed This Mountain And What Do You See Above? Another Traveler Shared His Story, Still Undecided Which Direction And Where To Go.

The Man Asked For 30 More People, 30 More Travelers When He Finished Talking With Everyone, He Finally Decided That Now So Many People Shared Their Path With Me And Especially What They All Saw At The Top, I No Longer Need To Climb There. It’s A Shame, But This Man Himself Never Went On A Trip.

Moral Of The Story

In Life, You Must Find The Most Suitable Path For Yourself To Climb This Mountain.

Some Of The Information And Life Experiences Others Are Giving You Can Be Understood In Words, But It Is Impossible To Share The Experience Of Clarity As You Stand Alone At This Summit.

Making The Right Effort To Rising To That Peak, And In Essence, Clarity Means You Can See More Clearly What Is The Right Direction For You In Life And Which Path You Should Take.

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