The Proud Donkey

The Proud Donkey Story

There Was A Sculptor Who Carved Beautiful Idols Of Gods And Goddesses. One Day He Had To Take The Idol Of The Goddess To A Rich Man. He Sat Down On The Idol On The Donkey And Started Off.

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On The Way, People Admired The Idol. Some Stopped To Admire And Some Worshiped The Goddess. The Stupid Donkey Thought People Admired Him.

The Donkey Stopped Halfway. He Began To Growl Loudly. The Sculptor Tried To Calm Him Down With Gentle Words And Actions. But He Did Not Move.

Finally, The Sculptor Took A Solid Stick And Began To Beat The Donkey. He Came To His Senses And Humbly Walked On.

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The Proud Donkey Moral

A Nod To The Wise And A-Rod To The Stupid.