The Two Goats

Contents Of The Story

The Two Goats Story

There were two goats.

There was a very narrow bridge across the river.

Once a goat crossed this bridge.

Right in the middle of the bridge, he met another goat.

There was no room for them.

“Come back,” said one goat to the other, “there is no room for the two of us.”

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“Why should I go back?” said the other goat. “You’d better come back.”

“You must return,” said the first goat, “because I am stronger than you.”

“You are not stronger than me,” said the second goat.

“We’ll see this,” said the first goat and put down his horns to fight.

“Stop!” said the second goat.

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“If we fight, we will both fall into the river and drown, and instead I have a plan. I will lie down and you can walk over me. “

Then the wise man lay down on the bridge, and another goat walked high on it.

So, they comfortably crossed the bridge and continued on their way.

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