The Heifer and The OX

The Heifer and The OX Story

The Boss had a heifer and a bull. Once Telka saw a Bull harnessed to plowing. He approached the Bull and said: “How do you work so hard all day? I would feel so miserable doing so much work.” Then he began to brag: “Look at me, I am completely free. I can do whatever I want. The master cannot make me work.”

The bull continued to work quietly. When the Heifer was about to leave, the Ox said: “Perhaps I work a lot now, but the Boss is a good person. He will definitely reward me.” Shortly thereafter, at a harvest festival, the Master released the Bull into the wild. He praised him and said, “You are a hard worker and I am proud of you.” The Master then left to find the Heifer. Finding him, the Master tied the Heifer with ropes and led her to the altar to kill in honor of this event.

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The bull watched silently. He smiled and said to Telka, “You were allowed to live in idleness because you had to be sacrificed.”

The Heifer and The OX Story Moral

Hard work always pays off.

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