The Villager And The Spectacles

The Villager And The Spectacles Story

There was a villager. He was illiterate. He could not read and write. He often saw people wearing glasses to read books or newspapers. He thought, “If I have glasses, I can also read like these people. I have to go to town and buy myself glasses. ” So one day he went to town. He entered the glasses store. He asked the seller for reading glasses. The shop owner gave him different pairs of glasses and a book. The peasant tried on all the glasses one by one. But he couldn’t read anything.

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He told the salesman that he didn’t need all these glasses. The shopkeeper looked at him incredulously. Then he looked at the book. It was upside down! The store owner said, “You may not know how to read.” The peasant said, “No, I don’t know. I want to buy glasses so I can read like others. But I can’t read with any of those glasses. ” The shopkeeper had a hard time restraining his laughter when he found out the real problem of his illiterate customer.

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He explained to the villager, “My dear friend, you are very ignorant. Glasses do not help either reading or writing. They only help you see better. First of all, you must learn to read and write. “

The Villager And The Spectacles Moral

Ignorance Is Blindness.