Businessman And Fisherman

Businessman And Fisherman Story Video
Businessman And Fisherman Story Video

Businessman And Fisherman Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Businessman Who Was Sitting On The Beach In A Small Village.

While Sitting, He Saw A Fisherman Rowing A Small Boat To The Shore And Caught Quite A Few Large Fish.

The Businessman Was Impressed And Asked The Fisherman, “How Long Does It Take To Catch That Many Fish ?”

The Fisherman Replied : “Oh, Not For Long.”

“Then Why Don’t You Linger At Sea And Catch Even More?” The Businessman Was Amazed.

“This Is Enough To Feed My Whole Family,” The Fisherman Said.

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The Businessman Then Asked, “So What Are You Doing The Rest Of The Day?”

The Fisherman Replied : “I Usually Wake Up Early In The Morning, Go Out To Sea And Fish, Then Come Back, And Play With My Children.

During The Day I Sleep With My Wife, And The Evening Comes, I Join My Friends In The Village For A Drink – We Play Guitar, Sing, And Dance All Night. “

The Businessman Made An Offer To The Fisherman.

“I Am A Ph.D. In Business Administration. I Could Help You Become A More Successful Person. From Now On, You Should Spend More Time At Sea And Try To Catch As Many Fish As Possible.

When You Save Enough Money, You Can Buy A Bigger Boat And Catch Even More Fish.

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Soon You Will Be Able To Afford To Buy More Boats, Start Your Own Company, Your Own Cannery, And A Distribution Network. By Then, You Will Have Moved From This Village To The Near By Town, Where You Can Set Up A Headquarters To Manage Your Other Branches. “

The Fisherman Continues : “What’s Next?”

The Businessman Laughs Heartily : “After That You Can Live Like A King In Your Own House, And When The Time Comes, You Can Go Public And Put Your Shares On The Stock Exchange, And You Will Become Rich.”

The Fisherman Asks: “What’s Next?”

The Businessman Says : “After That, You Can Finally Retire, You Can Move Into A House In A Fishing Village, Wake Up Early In The Morning, Catch A Fish, And Then Return Home To Play With The Children.

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Take A Good Nap With Your Wife, And When The Evening Comes, You Can Join Your Friends For A Drink, Play Guitar, Sing, And Dance All Night! “

The Fisherman Is Replied : “Am I Not Doing This Now?”

Businessman And Fisherman Moral

In Our Materialistic World, More Is Often Desired, And The More We Receive, The More We Want. After Going Through One Big Round, Spending A Lot Of Time And Effort.

Sometimes Sacrificing Health And Youth, We Understand That Having More Than Others Does Not Mean That We Will Be Happier And That All The Best In Life Is Already With All Of Us.

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