Lessons Learn From Eagle

Lessons Learn From Eagle Short Story, Lessons Learn From Eagle Short Story In English.

Lessons Learn From Eagle

Lessons Learn From Eagle Is An Motivational Story You May Say That It Is Not A Story It Is About The King Of Bird Kingdom It Is About The Eagle. Basically, It Is About How Eagle Suffering Pain For Regaining Its Old Strength And Pride By The Eagle And Much More Hope You Enjoy The Story.

Those Are The Life Lessons We Should Learn From The Eagle King.

Eagles Fly Alone And At High Attitudes. They Don’t Fly With Other Small Birds.


Stay Away From Narrow-Minded People. Those That Brings You Down.

Eagle Flies With Eagles.


Associate With People Who Are At Your Level. Don’t Waste Your Time With Unnecessary And Negative People. Look For People Who Think Like You So That You Can Both Dream And Grow Together. Keep A Good Company.

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Eagles Have An Accurate Vision They Have The Ability To Focus On Something As Far As Five Kilometers Away No Matter The Obstacles The Eagle Will Not Move His Focus From The Prey Until He Grabs.


Do The Same Thing With Your Goals. Focus On One Thing To Accomplish At A Time. Give It Your Effort, Time, And Energy. Create An Goal And Remain Focused No Matter What The Obstacles And You Will Succeed.

When The Storm Comes All The Other Birds Hide In The Branches And Leaves Of The Tree, But The Eagle Uses The Storms Wind To Lift Itself Higher.

Once It Finds The Storm, The Eagle Uses The Raging Storm To Lift Itself Above The Clouds. This Gives The Eagle An Opportunity To Glide And Rest Its Wings On The High Sky.


Challenges Bring Opportunities. We Could See The Opportunities, Wrapped In Our Challenges If We Weren’t So Busy, Complaining And Trying To Avoid Them.

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Face Your Challenges Head-On Knowing That These Will Make You Emerge Stronger And Better Than You Were Today.

We Can Use The Storms Of Life To Rising To Greater Heights. That’s How We Learn New Skills, Grow And Get Stronger. Is This Easy-To-Do? Of Course Not. But We Can Learn How To.

When It Is Time For The Eaglet To Learn To Fly. Eagles Remove The Feathers And Soft Grass From The Nest So That The Eaglet One’s Get Uncomfortable In Preparation For Flying And Eventually Flies / When It Becomes Unbearable To Stay In The Nest.


Leave Your Comfort Zone There Is No Growth. We Can Only Grow If We Are Willing To Step Out Of Our Comfort Zone. The Thorns Or Pain In Life Is There To Tell Us That, There Is Nothing More For Us Where We Are And It Is Time To Move On, Grows, And Spread Our Wings.

Further, The People Who Genuinely Care About Us Will Not Encourage Us In Our Slothfulness And Fear. While Their Treatment May Seem Unkind, It Is For Our Ultimate Good.

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Sometimes Tough Love Is Best. They Don’t Want Us To Die In Our Nest Like Failure.

Rebirth !! The Eagle Has To Make A Painful Decision At Around Age of 40. Die Or Go Through A Painful Process Of Rebirth Which Will Extend Its Life For 30 Years More. This Process Involves The Painful Task Of Knocking Out Its Own Beak And Claws. Plucking Out Its Talons So That New Ones Can Grow. This Entire Process Takes About 5 Months To Complete.


No Pain, No Gain. Many Of Us Want Success, But Without The Sacrifice, Handwork, Disappointments, And Heartbreak Which Comes With Success!! To Survive And Grow, We Must Be Willing To Change And Sometimes, We May Even Need To Go A Step Further – A Death!! The Death Of Our Old Self And A Total Rebirth. Ending Toxic Relationships, Leaving Toxic Jobs, Getting Rid Of Destructive Habits Or Thoughts, Traditions And Mind-Sets That No Longer Serve Us.