The Teachers Warning

The Teachers Warning Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Teacher Who Meditated A Lot And Gradually Developed His Mind, His Fame Extended To Those Who Wanted To Be Guided By A Wise Man, Who Came To Hear Him, Considering What He Said To Be Wise.

Indeed, 500 Decided To Become His Followers. One Of Them 500 People, Who Considered His Teaching Wise, Was A Definite Pet Lover, In Fact, He Loved Pets So Much That There Was Not A Single Animal That He Did Not Want To Keep As A Pet.

So, One Day He Came Across A Cute Little Venomous Snake Looking For Food.

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He Decided He Would Make A Great Pet, So He Made A Little Bamboo Cage To Keep Him In When He Had To Leave Him Alone. Other Followers Named The Little Bamboo Snake Because He Loved His Pet So Much.

Master Heard For A Long Time That One Of His Followers Kept A Venomous Snake As A Pet. He Called Him Over And Asked If It Was True. Bamboo’s Father Said, “Yes, Master, I Love Him Like My Own Child.”

The Wise Teacher Said That Life Is Unsafe With Poisonous Snake, So I Advise You To Let Him Go For Your Own Good, But Bamboo’s Father Thought He Knew Better.

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He Replied That This Little One Is My Son, He Will Not Bite Me, I Cannot Leave Him And Leave Him Alone Teacher Warned Him Then, Of Course, This Kid Will Become Your Death But The Follower Did Not Heed His Teacher’s Warning.

Later, All 500 Followers Of The Teachers Went On A Journey To Get Fresh Fruit. The Bamboo Father Left His Son Locked Up In The Bamboo Cage. Since There Was A Lot Of Fruit To Collect, It Was A Few Days Before They Returned. Bamboo’s Father Realized That Poor Bamboo Hadn’t Eaten All The Time He Was Gone.

So, He Opened The Cage To Let Him Out To Find Food, But When He Got To His Son, He Was Bitten By The Hand That Had Been Neglected All This Time.

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Bamboo Was Angry And Hungry, Since He Was Just A Snake, He Knew Nothing About Poison, But His Father Should Have Known Better.

In The End, He Was Warned By The Same Teacher Whom He Himself Considered Wise A Few Minutes After The Bite, Bamboo’s Father Fell Dead.

The Teachers Warning Story Moral

In Life, There Is No Benefit In Following A Teacher If You Do Not Listen To What He Says. It Is Very Important What You Do With Your Life. So, Think About How You Behave And How To Follow The Teachings.