The Master Boatman

The Master Boatman Story

One Day, A Student Of Confucius Met A Master Boatman, Known For His Dexterity On The Boat. He Asked Curiously How Wonderful It Was To Learn How To Steer A Boat ?

“As You Of Course,” Said The Master Boatman. But Remember – “If You Want To Be A Good Boatman, Don’t Worry About Steering The Boat.

Student Was Taken Aback If You Are Not Driving The Boat. How Do You Handle It ?

The Boatman Replied – “You Don’t Need To Worry About The Boat, Just Make Sure You Can Swim And Can Steer The Boat.”

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The Master Boatman Said – “If A Person Can Swim Underwater, He Will Know How To Steer The Boat, When He Is Given A Boat, He Can Learn To Steer The Boat And Quickly Become A Good Boatman, Perplexed.”

What The Master Boatman Said, The Disciple Besieged The Advice Of Confucius – A Good Swimmer Will Instantly Learn To Ride A Boat, Which Means That He Forgot How To Handle It ?

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Because He Sees The Water As Land, And The Capsizing Boat Turns Over The Cart On Land, Ten Thousand Things Can Tip Over And Turn Over At The Same Time Right In Front Of Him, And Nothing Can Reach Him And Affect What Is Inside Him. So, Where He Can Go And Not Feel Comfortable With The Sage.

The Master Boatman Story Moral

In Life, This Is How The Best Athletes Give Their Best, He Laid The Foundation For The Performance, And When It Is Time For Him To Give All His Best, He Does Not Need To Worry About Giving His Best, He Is Like A Swimmer Who Does His Best, Doesn’t Care About The Water While Boating When He Performs.

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He Is Not In The Art Of Performing, He Is Directed Not By His Desire But By The Tau Flow, Letting Go Of His Affection That He Fulfills Without Performing It, He Is In His Best Effort That If It Draws Attention To The Presentation, It Turns His Performance Into A Performance, Extracting Sparks Of Skill And Lightness From A Performance That He Cannot Perform Because He Is Performing.