Sheep And Lion

Sheep And Lion Story

A Long Time Ago, A Sheep Passed By In The Animal Kingdom And Saw A Lion Crying In A Trap, And The Lion Begged The Sheep To Save Him, Promising Not To Kill Or Eat Him, But The Sheep Refused. After Many Persuasions And Because Of The Gullibility Of The Sheep, He Opened The Lion’s Cage.

The Lion Is Now Very Hungry, Having Been In A Cage For Several Days Without Food. He Quickly Grabbed The Sheep To Kill And Eat, But The Sheep Reminded Him Of His Promise.

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They Were Still Arguing When Other Animals Passed By And Wanted To Know What Had Happened.

Both The Lion And The Sheep Told Their Side Of The Story, But Out Of Fear And In An Attempt To Win The Lion’s Favor, All Animals Sided With The Lion, With The Exception Of The Turtle, Who Claimed That She Did Not Understand The Whole Scenario.

Now The Turtle Asked The Lion To Show Them Where He Was, Before The Sheep Rescued Him, He Pointed To The Cage. He Asked Again, “Were You Inside Or Outside When The Sheep Came?” The Lion Said He Was Inside.

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The Turtle Said Again, “Okay, Come In, Let’s See How Difficult It Can Be Inside.” The Lion Entered And The Turtle Locked Him Inside Again.

In Amazement, The Other Animals Asked The Turtle Why, And He Replied, “If We Let Him Eat The Sheep Today, He Will Still Starve Tomorrow, And We Do Not Know Which Of Us Will Be Eaten Tomorrow.”

Sheep And Lion Moral

Do Not Support Evil Today, Because It Does Not Directly Affect You, Tomorrow It May Be Your Turn.

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Likewise, The Seeds Of Negativity We Sow Today May Return To Haunt Us In The Future, Where Weeds Proliferate Uncontrollably And Rob The Main Crop Of Nutrients.

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