The Two Parrots

The Two Parrots Short Story

Once upon a time, there was a king, his son, and two parrots. The prince and the parrot loved each other very much and grew up together.

The prince loved birds. So one day he stroked a sparrow in the garden. The parrot did not like this, since Sparrow was his enemy.

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Once, when they were playing together, there was a fight, and the Parrot pecked at the Sparrow. The shocked prince picked up the dead Sparrow and killed the Parrot in anger.

Little Parrot’s father heard the sad news that his son had died. He attacked the prince and pierced both of his eyes. Then he flew to a tall tree for safety.

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The Prince asked the Parrot, “Forget everything that happened and please come back.”

The king added: “It is fate that has brought such a sad tragedy. That your child will die and mine will go blind.

The parrot replied, “How can I trust you after what happened? It is better for me to be far away from you than to experience your love turned into hatred.

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The Two Parrots Short Story Moral

Don’t trust a vengeful person.