Short Story

The Other Side

Once A Young Monk, Returning Home, Went To The Bank Of A Huge River, Where There Were No Visible Ways To Cross It, Stood There, Pondered For A Long Time How To Get Over, Not A Single Thought Occurred To Him, In The End, He Gave Up And Was Going To Return When He Noticed An Old Zen Master Standing On The Opposite Bank.

He Shouted To The Old Man About The Lord, I Am Stuck Here, Could You Tell Me How Can I Go To The Other Side? Master Thought For A Few Moments, Looked Up, And Then, Along The River, He Shouted Back, “My Good Boyfriend, You’re On The Other Side.”

Moral Of The Story

In Life, Your Journey Will Help You Realize The Nature Of The Existence That You Are Traveling, Whether Your Journey Is Outward Or Inward, You Are Constantly Traveling Through This Dimension That We Call Life Either On Earth.

In Your Brain In Your Psyche In Your Soul In Your Heart, You Are Always A Traveler Ts Eliot Once Wrote That We Will Not Stop Exploring And The End Of All Our Exploration Will Come To Where We Started And Will Know The Place The First Time You Change, Not The Destination You Change You Are Looking For, You Are The Destination You Are Looking For.

So The Journey You Take In Your Life Will Manifest Through You, And Therefore Your Soul Is Infinite, So No Matter How Far You Go In Life, Remember That You Are Not Alone In Your Drive To Explore Each Day, Fully Aware That Each New Experience Can Help You Understand The Physical World Of Your Companions And, Most Importantly, Yourself.

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