Mouse and The Douglas-fir Cone

Mouse and The Douglas-fir Cone Story

The plump mouse used to live in the forest. A fox lived near the mouse hole, which always tried to eat the mouse. Fearing to be eaten, the mouse rarely left the burrow.

Once the mouse was very hungry and plucked up the courage to dare to get out of its hole. “I will die without food!” he moaned. But as soon as he left, the fox followed him.

The mouse ran with all its might, but the fox was faster. The mouse knew his end was near, unless he found cover.

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Suddenly he noticed a cone of Douglas fir with thorny thorns around it, lying on the ground.

Although he was able to get out through it, one of his legs got stuck in spiky thorns. To this day, you can see how the legs of a mouse stick out of the cone, so the legend lives on.

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