The Cruel King

The Cruel King Story

There Was Once A King Who Was So Cruel, And Unjust That His Subjects Longed For His Death Or Overthrow. However, One Day He Surprised Them All By Announcing That He Had Decided To Turn Over A New Sheet – “Now There Is No More Cruelty, No More Injustice” He Promised.

He Was As Good As His Word. He Became Known As The – “Gentle Monarch.” A Few Months After His Transformation, One Of His Ministers Gained The Courage To Ask Him – “My Lord What Makes You To Change Of Mind.” The King Replied To His Minister – “One Day When I Was Rode Through The Forest, I Saw A Fox Chased By A Hound. The Fox Escaped Into His Hole, But Before That The Dog Crashed Into Her Leg And Crippled Her For All His Life.

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After That, I Went To The Village And Saw The Same Dog There. Now, It Was Barking Per A Person. As I Watched, The Man Picked Up A Huge Stone And Threw It At The Dog, Which Breaks His Leg. The Man Did Not Go Far When A Horse Kicked Him. The Person’s Knee Was Broken And He Fell To The Ground, Disabled For Life. Now The Horse Was Ran, But It Fell Into A Hole And Broke His Leg.”

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Seeing On Everything That Happened, I Thought – “Evil Begets Evil. If I Continue On My Path Of Evil, Then The Evil Will Surely Overtake Me.” So, I Decided To Change Myself. The Minister Left, Convinced That It Is The Right Time To Overthrow The King And Seize The Throne. Immersed In His Thought, He Did Not See The Steps In Front Of Him And Fell, And Break His Own Neck.

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The Cruel King Story Moral

When You Planned To Do Something Good Or Bad, You Have Fixed Thinking, And When You Do This, You Only See Good And Bad Things. Your Mind Is Not Capable Of Recognizing Anything Else Other Than What You Are Looking For.