The Hodge And The Crow

The Hodge And The Crow VIdeo
The Hodge And The Crow VIdeo

The Hodge And The Crow Story

The crow built its nest in the forest. He was on a high branch of a strong tree. One morning she laid five eggs there. She sat over her newly laid eggs to hatch them.

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Once, when the weather was sunny, the crow was thinking about her chicks, which will soon hatch.

Suddenly, a strong wind blew through the forest.

The branch on which the crow sat was shaking. She was frightened and thought that the wind might break the branch on which she built her nest.

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So the crow carefully moved its nest to the lower branch. Now Crow was happy as her eggs were safe.

By evening the weather calmed down.

Hodge lived in that area. He watched the crow’s eggs for many days. He often thought about climbing a tree, but he knew the nest was too high for him.

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Then, to his surprise, he saw a crow’s nest on a low branch. When the crow left the nest, the greedy Hodge quickly climbed up the tree.

He took the eggs away and ate them. The crow lost her babies by being too careful!

The Hodge And The Crow Moral

Being too careful can also be dangerous.