Master And The Bow

Master And The Bow Story

One Day The Teacher Called His Student And Told Him To Come To Him While Shooting An Archery. The Disciple Had Already Seen His Teacher Shoot From A Bow At Least A Hundred Times, But Nevertheless, He Obediently Followed Him.

They Walked Through The Forest For A While, Until They Reached Their Usual Place – A Huge Lightning Bolt With A Large Oak Tree Right In The Middle Of It. There The Master Began To Unpack The Things That He Brought With Him. As Usual, Took Out His Long Bow And Arrows And, As Usual, Took Out A Small Flower From Under His Belt And Attached It To One Of The Oak Branches.

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Only This Time He Had A Silicone Scarf With Him, With Which He Asked The Student To Blindfold Him And Then Lead Him To His Usual Place At An Altitude Of Over 900 Feet. Away From The Tree, He Fired, As Usual.

Now Go, And See If I Hit The Flower, And Then Come Back, And Tell Me That He Instructed The Student When He Came To The Tree. The Student Noticed That Not Only The Flower Was Not Damaged, But The Arrow Did Not Even Hit The Massive Oak, And It Was Now Here To Be Seen.

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He Returned To His Teacher In Confusion, Not Knowing How To Tell Him What He Saw. The Teacher Asked Him With A Smile On His Face. The Student At This Moment Felt Very Uncomfortable.

Master, You Have Not Fallen Into A Flower Or A Tree. I Could Not Find The Arrow You Must Have Missed Due To Its Great Length. He Answered In A Way He Could Not, He Never Lied To His Teacher, Who, Oddly Enough, Did Not Change His Facial Expression, And Continued To Smile Serenely, But The Teacher Whom I Do Not Understand Told The Student I Thought You Want To Teach Me.

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This Concentration And Power Of Thought Will Make An Arrow. Find Your Goal In This Way, My Dear Student. The Teacher Replied, Seemingly Pleased With His Words, But You Will Never Hit The Target That You Do Not See.

Master And The Bow Story Moral

In Life, In Order To Achieve Your Goal, To Get Where You Want To Be In Life, You Must First See It, You Must See Your Goal, You Must See Your Goal, Otherwise, All The Concentration And Power Of Thought In The World Will Make You Miss Your Goal Because You Cannot See It, So Open Your Eyes And See Where You Want To Go In Life.