The Peasant

The Peasant Short Story

The Roman kingdom grew. Roman soldiers controlled the cities they conquered. Next, the Romans conquered a small village on the Danube River.

Seeing the cruelty of the Roman rulers, the poor villager decided to meet with the Roman ministers.

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The peasant was an ugly, hairy man. He had thick eyebrows and lips. He had a crooked nose and a squint! But he bravely met with the Roman ministers.

Everyone was wondering what this ugly villager would say.

A villager asked the Romans, “Why are you killing everyone and taking their lands? Why are you robbing people and living in style?

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People were so scared that they left their homes and hide. The Romans spoil everything instead of making life better.”

“Please come back! We don’t like the way the Romans

heal us! We were happy before you Romans came!

The Romans were amazed at his excellent speech. The peasant was right!

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They made a peasant a governor and recalled the Roman soldiers! They also wanted his speech to be recorded for others to read.

The city on the Danube was happy again.

The Peasant Short Story Moral

Don’t judge anyone by how they look.