Foolish Crocodile

Foolish Crocodile Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Forest Teeming With Cunning Animals. How Brilliant Are They? There Were Also Livestock Specialists, Livestock Teachers, Livestock Specialists And Many Other Specialists In This Forest. Yes! This Is No Ordinary Forest.

However, As In Our Human Society, There Were Also Stupid Animals In This Forest. Let’s See An Anecdote About A Genius Squirrel And A Stupid Crocodile Who Lived There.

There Was A Tree On Which Many Squirrels Lived. A Couple Of Crocodiles Lived In A Nearby Pond. This Lady Crocodile And The Male Crocodile Were Very Dangerous. Every Animal That Has Drunk The Water Should Be Careful Not To Get Hurt By Crocodiles.

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However, One Day Lady Crocodile Fell Ill. Then They Went To The Forest Doctor, Mr. Bear.

There Was A Long List Of Patients Near Doctor Bear Strait, And After A Long Time, Crocodile’s Chance Presented Itself. Having Said The Symptoms Of The Disease, Dr. Bear Determined That It Was A Serious Disease. The Doctor Said That Only A Squirrel Heart Can Cure A Crocodile. Dr. Bear Said, “If You Eat A Squirrel Heart, You Will Be Well Soon.”

Two Crocodiles Wondered If They Had Found A Rumor About A Squirrel. Because, As A Rule, Squirrels Never Come To Drink Water From The Pond In Which They Lived. The Idea Came To A Male Crocodile.

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The Crocodile Invited Each Squirrel To Accompany Him On A Walk Around The Pond. None Of Them Agree. Finally The Old Squirrel Agreed. The Squirrel Loved To Ride.

When They Were At Great Depths, The Crocodile Told Him About His Goal. He Said He Needed A Squirrel Heart. The Genius Squirrel Said, “Please Bring Me Back. I Left My Heart At The Top Of My Tree. I Can Give It To You There.

“The Crocodile Brought Him Back To The Shore. The Squirrel Climbed A Tree And Disappeared. The Stupid Crocodile Missed The Chance.

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