The Day Dreaming Jackal

The Day Dreaming Jackal Story

Bhilu was a hunter from a hill tribe. Every day he went out to hunt animals using his bow and arrows. He prided himself on being a skilled archer. One day, when he saw a wild boar in the forest, he thought to himself, “This big wild boar is sure to die at my hands. My hunting skills will put an end to this.

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Then Bhilu drew his bow and fired a sharp arrow right at the back of the boar. The arrow tore the back of the boar and caused a deep wound. In writhing pain and anger, the boar lunged at Bhila and pierced his belly with its sharp fangs. The proud hunter and the boar immediately lay dead from their wounds.

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Soon Chamataka, the jackal, passed by. At the sight of a dead hunter and a lifeless boar, he was delighted: “Oh, my happiness! Today I found a food that will last me for several days. Fate was unfavorable to the hunter and the boar, but it shone for me.

“The flesh around the arrowhead should be soft and chewy. I will slowly eat boar meat from there to enjoy this treasure.”

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Thinking so, Chamataka proceeded to taste his juicy delicacy. As soon as he dug into the flesh of the boar, a pointed arrow pierced his mouth and exited between his eyes. Soon Chamataka also lay dead, like the hunter and the boar.

The Day Dreaming Jackal Moral

Think twice before you act!