Short Story

Ghost & The Master

One Day, The Great Master Hui Ming Visited Ming Mountain. There He Met A Ghost Who Was Once A Great Scientist, Although He Was A Ghost. He Was Still Reciting Poetry After Meeting Master Hui Ming.

The Ghost Poet Has Composed A Dream. Despair Abandoned I Became Too Lethargic To Think About Success Or Failure, Past And Present, Or How Many Tufts Of Grass I Plucked Out And Collected Buckets Of Flowers. Heavy Rain And Harsh Wind Nearly Broke My Heart.

I Fly Here And There, But The Fireflies Are The Darkness Of The Night. My Shadow In The Form, Which I Hide When The Rooster Crows In The First Rays Of Light, I Only Wish I Had Entered The Land Of Reason From The Very Beginning.

This Is How I Find Myself In The Realm Of Ghosts. Tears Are Rolling Down My Face After The Ghost Sang A Poem By The Great Master Hui Ming Telling Him About The Dharma, Forcing The Former Ghost Scholar To Leave His Realm And Be Reborn As The Supreme.

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Moral Of The Story

In Life, Make Sure You Live Your Life, Make Sure You Develop Your Mind While You Are Still Alive. So That You Are Not Trapped Between The Worlds Between The Worlds, Your Mind Is Filled With The Past And Is Not Yet Open To The Future. Live Your Life.

Develop Your Mind A Little Bit Every Day.

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