Philosophy Of Friendship

Philosophy Of Friendship Story

Once During A Sea Storm, A Sunken Ship Was Broken During A Sea Storm, And Only Two Of The People On It Were Able To Swim To A Small Deserted Island, Two Survivors Who Were Very Good Friends, Not Knowing What Else To Do, Agreed That They Had No Choice But To Pray To God.

However, In Order To Find Out Whose Prayer Is Stronger, They Agreed To Divide The Territory Among Themselves And Remain On The Opposite Sides Of The Island. A Fruit Tree On His Side Of The Island, And He Could Eat Its Fruit. Another Person’s Piece Of Land Remained Barren.

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After A Week The First Man Was Lonely And Decided To Pray For His Wife, The Next Day Another Ship Was Wrecked And The Only Survivor Was A Woman Who Swam To The Other Side Of The Island.

Soon The First Person Prayed For A Home, The Next Day He Feeds More Food, As If By Magic, All These Things Were Given To Him, But The Second Person Still Had Nothing. In The End, The First Man Prayed For The Ship So That He And His Wife Could Leave The Island.

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In The Morning He Found A Ship Docked On His Side Of The Island. The First Man Boarded The Ship With His Wife, And The Second Person Decided To Leave On Board The Island He Considered Another Person Unworthy To Receive The Blessings Of God Since None Of His Prayers Were Heard.

When The Ship Was About To Leave, The First Person Heard A Voice From The Roar, Why Do You Leave Your Friend On The Island, My Blessings Belong Only To Me, Since I Was The One Who Prayed For Them, The First Person Answered His Prayers, Everyone Was Left Unanswered.

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Therefore He Does Not Deserve Anything, You Are Mistaken, The Voice Reproached Him, He Had Only One Prayer To Which I Answered: If Not That Whatever You Get.

Any Of My Blessings Will Tell Me That The First Man Asked The Voice What He Was Praying For, That I Owe Him Everything He Prayed For, So That All Your Prayers Would Be Answered.

Philosophy Of Friendship Story Moral

In Life, As Long As You Are Your Friends, Your Family, And Also, Before You Pray For Yourself, Pray For Your Friends, Pray For Your Family, Do Not Leave Your Loved Ones Behind.

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