The Mouse And The Oyster

The Mouse And The Oyster Story

Once upon a time, there was a mouse on a farm. He always had enough food and plenty of room to run. Life was easy.

However, the mouse was bored.

Every day he sat by the fence to look at the outside world. He looked at the Mole Hills and imagined them as mountains.

I wonder what it’s like to travel the world, thought the Mouse. “I could sail the seas in big ships like an explorer!”

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“It’s too risky,” Pig warned his friend.

“You don’t know anything about the world,” said the Sheep.

But the mouse decided to explore the world. He said goodbye to his friends and home.

After many days of traveling, the mouse reached the beach.

What a wonderful place!” thought the Mouse. “I smell the sea!”

Then he saw an oyster washed ashore by the tide. The mouse has never seen an oyster


“This must be the ship the explorers travel on!” thought the Mouse.

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The mouse stuck its head into the oyster shell. The oyster immediately closed its shell and killed the stupid mouse.

The Mouse And The Oyster Story Moral

A little knowledge can be harmful.

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