The Fox In The Well

The Fox In The Well Short Story

On a rainy day, the unlucky fox slipped in the well. The fox with great difficulty kept his head above the water.

He dug his claws into the wall of the well for support, but kept slipping again and again.

The wolf passed by the well. He heard some noise from inside and looked inside.

The wolf was a good friend of the fox and was shocked to see him fall into the well.

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Seeing the fox in distress, the wolf asked him, “Dear brother, why are you in the well?

Do you have to be so cold? How did you get there and how long was it? I’m so unhappy to see you down there. Please tell me all about it!”

The fox interrupted the Wolf and said: “My good brother, if you could throw a rope, it would help more than your questions. As soon as I get on the ground, I will tell you everything about the incident.”

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The Fox In The Well Short Story Moral

In a crisis, actions are more useful than questions.

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