Bright Eyes The Glider Possum

Bright Eyes The Glider Possum Story

Bright Eyes was an opossum who lived with his parents. He used to live in his mother’s bag. As the days passed, he grew fluffy hair, pink ears, a nose, and a fluffy tail.

One fine day, Bright Eyes’ mother climbed a large tree, on the branches of which hung a large beehive. Bright Eyes stuck his head out of the bag and saw a large hive.

“What’s this?” He Asked His Mother. His mother explained to him how he could collect honey. After that, his father came and showed him how to soar. He asked Bright Eyes to expand his flying skin. This skin will help him stay afloat. Then he extended his tail straight and jumped forward.

Bright Eyes was very excited because now he could fly like a free bird. “Wonderful!” – exclaimed the Father, Who Joyfully Watched His Son. The bright eyes circled, then down and down, and finally made a sharp turn and soared higher. “I can fly!” Bright Eyes exclaimed.

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