The Most Useless Thing In Life

The Most Useless Thing In Life Story

A Long Time Ago, Human Eyes First Met, Nose, And Mouth. The Eyes Said That Eyes Are Of Paramount Importance To The Body, Everything Must Be Visible To Us.

So, We Know Whether He Is Beautiful Or Not, Big Or Small, High Or Low, Without Our Walking Was Would Be Very Difficult, Therefore The Eyes Are Very Important, But We Mistakenly Placed Under The Eyebrows, Which Is Useless, It Is Simply Not Fair.

The Nose Said That I Am The Nose, I Am The Most Important Only I Can Distinguish A Good Smell From An Unpleasant Smell The Breathing Process Itself Also Depends On Me, If I Do Not Allow The Breath To Pass Through Everyone, Everyone Will Die.

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So, I Am The Most Important, As Important As I Am, I Was Unfairly Put Under Useless Eyebrows.

Mouth Said That I Am The Most Important Part Of The Human Body, I Can Speak If It Were Not For Me, There Would Be No Communication Between People Whom I Accept, If It Were Not For Me, Everyone Would Die Of Hunger, Such An Important Part As I Was Placed In The Lower Part Of The Face.

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However Useless Eyebrows Have Been Applied To The Upper Part Of The Face, This Is Not Me, Accept After Others Have Spoken, Eyebrows Spoke Slowly, Please Don’t Swear Anymore, Eyebrows Are Definitely The Most Useless Things That Are Ready To Be Placed Under You With The Eyebrows Dropping Lower The Eye.

Unfortunately, The Person No Longer Looked Like A Person, Next To An Eyebrow Dropped Below The Nose, It Was Still Awful, It Still Didn’t Look Like A Person, Then The Eyebrow Dropped Below The Mouth, The Eyes Looked Even More Terrible.

The Nose And Mouth Squeezed To Discuss Situation, They Came To The Conclusion That It Would Be Better If The Eyebrows Returned To Their Original Place On The Face, It Was The Most Suitable Place For Them, When The Eyebrows Returned To Their Original Place, He Became A Man Again.

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The Most Useless Thing In Life Story Moral

In Life, Through This Story, You Can See That What Seems To Be The Most Useless Can Sometimes Really Be The Most Useful To You, If You Think That You Have Weaknesses, Think Again, Maybe It Is These Weaknesses That Make You Strong, What Makes You Compassionate, You Are Unique, All The Attributes And Characteristics That You Possess, For Some Reason May Be Useful To You Just For Searching.