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The Invisible Rope

Moral Of The Story

The Invisible Rope Is A Motivational Story. The Story Is About The Child Elephants. The Story Is About How We Are Caught By The Rope We Can’t See And How We Lost Our Strength By Accepting The Failure And Much More Hope You Enjoy The Story.

Once A Man Going Somewhere On His Way He Saw Some Elephants And Stopped By Seeing How The Weak Thin Ropes Tied On Their Lags Can Hold Such Strong & Big Creatures.

Logically, The Strength Of Such Mighty Beings Can Break The Ropes Any Time And Go Away But Why They Didn’t Do That, What Is The Reason Behind It?

The Man Saw An Elephant-Trainer Stand Nearby. He Went To The Trainer And Ask Him Curiously – “Why The Elephants Don’t Try To Break The Rope On Their Legs And Make Themselves Free From It.”

The Trainer Replied – “When The Elephants Are Small And Less Powerful We Tie Them With The Same Rope, At That Age, The Small Ropes Are Enough To Hold Them. When The Elephants Are Grew Up They Already Give Up. They Believed That They Can’t Break It. In Their Mind, They Still Think That The Rope Can Hold Them So, They Don’t Try To Break It Free.”

The Man Was Surprised By The Trainer’s Answer. Those Powerful Animals Can Any Time Free Themselves From The Ropes But The Elephants Believed They Were Incapable Of Doing It. So, They Are Stuck Right Where They Are.

Moral Of The Story

Just Like Those Elephants Many Of Us Go Through. Life Holding On To A Belief That We Cannot Do Something Simply Because We Failed It Once Before. Failure Is A Part Of Learning, We Should Never Give Up Trying Because We Might Be Just An Attempt Away From Achieving Your Goal.

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