The Hermit And The Mouse

The Hermit And The Mouse Story

Long ago, in the jungles of Malkand, there lived a hermit named Shalakya. Every day at dawn, he plunged into the sacred Ganges, chanted mantras, and worshiped God.

One evening, as he was sitting on the banks of the Ganges, he saw a small mouse hiding from the penetrating eyes of a hawk. “Oh poor mouse! If I don’t take him with me, the hawk will take him away.”

So, Shalakya took the Mouse to his hermitage.

I’ll trade that mouse for a girl, he thought. “Then she will stay with me as my daughter and take care of me.” He turned a mouse into a girl. He named Her Apsara.

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Over the years, she has become a beautiful girl. She took care of the hermit, brought flowers from the forest, and performed puja.

Shalakya decided to look for a groom for Apsara. Seeing the radiant beauty of Apsara, the hermit thought that the sun god would be the perfect match for her. He invited the Sun God with His spiritual powers.

The Sun God was captivated by her beauty. “Oh! Fair maiden, would you like to marry me?” He suggested.

“I can’t marry you,” he said. Apsara. “Your heat would be unbearable for me.”

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The hermit then asked the Sun God, “Is there anyone more powerful than you; Who would be worthy of my daughter?

“A cloud would be the best match with Apsara,” he replied. “He can outshine me with his power.”

The Hermit then summoned the Cloud.

“The cloud looks like a tramp!” Apsara said. “That’s why I don’t want to marry him either.”

The cloud advised: “The mountain is stronger than me. It might get in my way.”

Now Shalakya Called the Mountain.

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Apsara expressed her unwillingness. “The mountain is too heavy! I will be crushed under its weight!”

The mountain said, “A mouse would be the perfect match for you. He can dig holes in me.”

Then Sillakya called the mouse.

Apsara was delighted to see the mouse and thought it was perfect for her. Seeing the radiance on the Apsara’s face, the hermit turned the Apsara into a mouse.

The hermit blessed a couple of mice and realized it.

The Hermit And The Mouse Moral

Just by changing the appearance, a person cannot change his inner essence.

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