Half Educated

Half Educated Story

There lived a wolf and a jackal. Once a wolf boasted to a jackal: “You are not half as educated as I am.”

The jackal quietly agreed, but suddenly the tiger growled: “No one is as educated as I am.”

The wolf froze when he saw the tiger, and the jackal quickly came up with an escape plan. “Of course, sir, and that’s why we came to you for help,” replied the jackal.

“We want you to decide which of the two of us should eat the chicken.” “First show me the chickens,” grumbled the tiger, who was thinking of eating not only chickens, but also a healthy jackal and a wolf.

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The jackal approached him in a small cave and said, “Sir, you need to enter the cave to see the chickens.

As soon as the greedy tiger entered, the agile jackal blocked the entrance with a huge boulder.

Maybe more educated, but you are definitely not smarter than me!” called the jackal.

“I was mistaken,” the wolf admitted, “you are, of course, smarter than me.”

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