The Young Girl and The Hen

The Young Girl and The Hen Story

The young girl lived on a farm with her parents. She loved to play with pets.

One day, when she was playing with hens and their chicks, a henpecked at her finger and bit it.

— Oh, dad! The girl ran up to her father, crying and holding out her hand.

The Girl’s Father asked her, “My lovely little girl! What’s happened?”

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The girl said: “Oh, dad! The chicken hurt me! I’m so kind to them, but one of them bites my fingers every time I go to play with them. They are not beautiful!”

The Girl’s father took her small hand in his big one. “The poor Hens think you’ve come to harm them or their little children. Therefore, they are afraid of you and bite in fear. You must be careful. First, play with them from a distance.

When you become friends, then they will never bite you.”

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Her father continued, “My dear girl. You must try to understand and respect every being. Even if they are not like us, they also have feelings and fears!”

The Young Girl and The Hen Moral

First understand people or animals and then get close to them.

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