The Fox And The Ass

The Fox And The Ass Story

One morning the fox was walking through the yard. The farmer set a trap for the fox, in which he fell. The donkey watched as the fox struggled to free himself from the trap. The donkey knew that since the fox was trapped, it was safe for him to take a closer look at it. When the fox saw the donkey, she addressed him in the most polite tone: “Dear cousin, how are you? You see, what an unpleasant situation I got into, and all because of you.

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Ass did not understand why!

The fox continued: “You see, brother, I was walking quietly to my house, but I heard you roaring loudly. I thought you might be in trouble and turned around to see if I could be of any help. But I fell into a trap. Now you have to help me get out of this. Please bring me a pointed stick from the farm to open the trap.” The donkey heard the fox and ran to tell the farmer about it. The farmer immediately took a strong stick to teach Fox a lesson against all future pranks!

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The Fox And The Ass Story Moral

Never Trust Cunning People.