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The Wolf In Sheep Skin

A Wolf Was Walking Around The Village. He Found A Sheep’s Skin Spread On The Ground. He Thought – “If I Put On This Skin And Get Entangled In The Flock, The Shepherd Will Not Suspect Me.”

I Will Slaughter The Fat Sheep At Night And Take It With Me. “

The Wolf Covered Himself With Sheep’s Clothing And Became Entangled With A Flock Of Sheep. As He Expected, The Shepherd Took Him Like A Sheep And Also Locked Him In The Pen. The Wolf Was Waiting For The Night.

The Shepherd Had A Feast That Night. He Sent A Servant For A Fat Sheep. The Servant Accidentally Saw A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing. The Guests Ate The Wolf For Dinner That Evening.

The Wolf In Sheep Skin Moral

Bad Thoughts Have Bad Sides.

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